newcomer- KOL influencer model

Everyone can be Influencer!

You’ll hear that KOL or Influencer need to be a certain social media followers, height, look and age to be successful. This may be true if you only want to work with international brands , but what about the rest of the industry? understands what the real influencer world requires and it’s so much more than stereotypes. Leave your doubts at the door, come on in, and let us explain how it really is, so you can start your influencer career.

newcomer- KOL influencer model

Influencer world has a place for you

The influencer industry is extremely diverse and every brands, agency, photographer and fashion label has an individual preference for the type of influencer they like.

Brands require influencer, who fit their products, so a perfume brand would require a very different influencer to that of a sports brand, or a local restaurant chain.

There’s also the world of Content creation, where brands require real people to make videos with their products.

These are just a few examples, but there are countless influencer and model types required, such as alternative, foodies, dancers, performers, and more!

newcomer- KOL influencer model

What do we mean by KOL or Influencer?

When we mention KOL ( Key Opinion Leader) or influencer, we refer to people who have a skill or talent, social media followers base, engagement rate that make them stand out to an agency, brand or photographer.

Typical KOL or influencer would be people who dance, sports enthusiasts, musicians, singers, entertainers, foodies or anyone has a unique lifestyle that may be interesting for a commercial campaign.’s platform has the biggest variety of talents, which is just one of the reasons why so many top clients post their job, event or castings with us.

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