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What is iNeed KOL?

iNeed KOL is a digitalise KOL matching platform to allow KOL build their profile. The platform clearly reveal KOL's advertising and interaction insights. Brands could also post jobs to recruit KOLs. The most important is free for registration.

How to register as KOL?

1. If you own the Instagram / Facebook / YouTube social platform accounts, you are already eligible to register an KOL account in iNeed KOL. Use the most eye-catching introduction to introduce yourself. Attract brands to find you for collabration and advertising.
2. Make sure your instgram PROFESSIONAL account connected with your Facebook account. Then register an account in iNeed KOL website. After registration successful, follow the instruction to connect your Facebook / Instagram account.
KOL Registration Requirement (Fulfill either one)
Instagram KOL:More than 500 followers
Facebook KOL:More 500 fans page
YouTube KOL : More than 500 subscribers

How to build your exclusive KOL profile?

1. Go to KOL profile page, connect your social accounts (Facebook / Instagram / YouTube)
2. Fill in your profile information
3. Upload your profile image
4. Setup your social media advertising price. For example, each Instagram post cost $500 up. Only brands could view KOL's price information
5. iNeed KOL will automatically reveal your Facebook / Instagram / YouTube insights
6. Leave your Whatsapp contact and brands will contact you

Why should brand use iNeed KOL?

1. If you are brand / merchant who wish to find the best-match KOLs among the sea of people, iNeed KOL provide a comprehensive digitalise KOL matching platform.
2. Brand could post the job / recruitment post in iNeed KOL for free
3. Brand could select the best-match KOLs and compare the insights between KOLs

iNeed KOL Rate Card

iNeed KOL platform basic function is free for use.

Could iNeed KOL manage advertising project for brand?

iNeed KOL provide professional online marketing services, KOLs management, public relations, etc. Digitalise analysis could reduce the cost and maximum the benefit. Welcome to contact us to know more.

The registered KOL profile is not listed in iNeed KOL?

Please try the following possible solutions :
1. Make sure your iNeed KOL account is connected to Facebook / Instagram (PROFESSIONAL account only) / Youtube account。
2. Enter your iNeed KOL profile page, check all mandatory information is properly filled in.
3. If the above solutions still could not solve the issue, please contact us for assistant.