Find your best-match KOLs

iNeed KOL is a KOL job matching platform. Brands could reach numerous potential customers with the collaboration with KOLs advertising. It is built for merchants / restaurants / PR / Marketing companies to find KOLs efficiently. Post your job to received KOL application.

Step 1
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Free Brand Registration

Register brand account by company email for free. Find your best-match KOLs in i iNeed KOLplatform. iNeed KOL provide hundreds of KOLs with interactive insights for your selection.

Step 2
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Post Job for Free and Receive KOL Application

After brand registration, band could post advertising job in iNeed KOL platform. No more passive. No matter you would compensate to KOL by money or production sponsor, it is free to post in iNeed KOL. Once you receive KOL application, you could know more about the KOL with digitalise analysis immediately.

Step 3
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Contact KOL Directly

Only brand could view the KOL's price of service. Brand could contact KOLs directly, discuss the details of business collaboration and advertising.