influencer model or content creator

Brands are looking for people like you!

A big change has been taking place over the last few years. Brands are looking to their own target market to be the people who represent their brand.

Now it’s the people using a brand’s products, who have become the KOL or Influencers telling everyone else about it.

influencer model or content creator

What is a KOL or model influencer?

KOL (Key Opinion Leader) or model influencer is a person who is influential on social media, due to the amount of followers, who engage with their social media posts.

Brands will pay influencers to promote its products to the influencers’ audience and this will generate sales for the brand.

influencer model or content creator

What is a content creator?

Someone who provides self-made content (photos or videos) to a brand for the purpose of brand promotion.

Typical examples could be KOL or influencer who demonstrate cosmetics products, unboxing videos, wearing the brands’ clothes, testimonials about a brand and much more.

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