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Global KOL/ Influencers Job Matching.

KOL/ Influencer Job Matching Platform

Get exposure in iNeed KOL?

iNeed KOL is influencer job matching platform.

We manage KOL/ Influencer insights and data analysis report, promote KOL/ Influencer and help them reach world’s brand .

Step 1
step 1 find kol -how it work - iNeed KOL |Influencer Jo Matching Platform

Free KOL / Influencer Registration

Register as KOL for free now. Get exposure from iNeed KOL platform. iNeed KOL will automatically collect KOL's insights from Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and reveal with accurate analysis. Let brands understand you from iNeed KOL Personal Profile

Step 2
find kol -how it work - iNeed KOL |Influencer Jo Matching Platform

Synchronise with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

After the KOL account registration, you could connect with your own Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account. The social interaction data of connected social media account will be revealed for brands reference. KOL could also build their exclusive profile page. iNeed KOL will synchronised the connected social media content to your profile page.

Step 3
find kol -how it work - iNeed KOL |Influencer Jo Matching Platform

Exclusive KOL/ Influencer Profile Page

Design your exclusive profile page and introduce yourself with modern layout. Let brands contact you safely.